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Starting on Epindel is completely free. You keep 92% of each transaction.

You keep


of each transaction.

We receive 5% per transaction.
3% is payment processing fee.

  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • High Quality Video
  • A Smart Scheduling System
  • Direct Messaging
  • Learning Paths
  • File Sharing
  • Automated Email notifications and reminders
  • Personalized Epindel link
  • Receive your money within 2-3 business days
  • Payment Dashboard
Money Guarantee

We ensure that money is collected from learners before a session and sent to creators after completing each session. We take a large part of the risk and resolve any disputes that come up. We will chase down declined payments, shield you from charge backs, and we will catch any fraudulent acts before they hit your balance.

Easy Scheduling

Creators can easily set up their available times, and learners can drag and drop times on the schedule to set up a time that is most appropriate for them. Consultant can also suggest new times as needed.

Anytime, Any day, Anywhere

Find the help that you need at any time from anywhere. With a good internet connection, you can help others from anywhere around the world. We work hard to make this a smooth consulting experience.

Low Fee

You will receive 92% transaction fee between yourself and your Learner. You will receive an extra 5% share for any successful referrals sessions with others.

Success Manager

All of the Epindel team members work for your success. You will have a dedicated success manager who will work with you to create and grow your business using different marketing channels.

Meet With Your Audience

Meet with your audience to give them insight, answer their questions and motivate them to make things happen.

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