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Money Guarantee

We ensure that money is collected from learners before a session and sent to creators after each session is complete. We take a large part of the risk and resolve any disputes that come up. We will chase down declined payments, shield you from charge backs, and we will catch any fraudulent acts before they hit your balance.

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Creators can easily set up their available times, and learners can drag and drop times on the schedule to set up the time that is most appropriate for them. Creators can also suggest new times as needed.

In Your Time, in Your Place

Find the help that you need at any time, anywhere. With a good internet connection, you can help others from anywhere around the world. We work hard to make this a smooth experience.

Meet Some Creators

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Robert Cohen

Education: California State University-Long Beach, Journalism, Public Relations, Speech Communications

Experiemnt: Riscure, North American Sales

Summary: •Strategic, results-oriented sales executive consistently exceeding annual sales quotas and revenue goals up to 400%.
•Experienced in selling multi-mi

Business Sales Executive Sales Professional $80

Business/Sales/Executive Sales Professional

Learning Paths

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Jonathan Jay Esslinger

Education: Georgia State University, Philosophy

Experiemnt: Asheville Citizen-Times, Writer

Summary: My passion is deep relationships. I intend to contribute thoughtful therapeutic content that will help you successfully guide your clients, family mem

Social Science Psychology Family Therapy $140

Social Science/Psychology/Family Therapy

What is it?

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the systems of interactions between family members.

Learning Paths

profile picture

Mike Sibley

Education: Leeds College of Art, Fine Art

Experiemnt: Workshop Tutor and Organiser, Workshop Tutor and Organiser


Art Drawing $80


What is it?

Drawing from Line to Life!

Learning Paths

profile picture

Ryan Lockard

Education: West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Marketing

Experiemnt: Contino - Enterprise DevOps and Cloud Transformation Consultancy, Vice President


Computer Science Software Engineering Cloud and DevOps $100

Computer Science/Software Engineering/Cloud and DevOps

Learning Paths

profile picture

Len Choptiany

Education: University of Toronto, Philosophy

Experiemnt: Groundwork, Facilitator

Summary: Personal Groundwork is a simple and profound approach to personal identity and self-development.
It seeks to bring your life into harmony with your t

Health Mental Health Philosophy $20

Health/Mental Health/Philosophy

What is it?

Groundwork is a short-term form of transformational therapy allied with existential, Jungian and Buddhist approaches.

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